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Barrier Waterproofing Solutions

We stop leaks the others can’t ...Permanently!

Read what customer’s are saying about our system:

“Please accept my thanks for the waterproofing that you performed on my home.  I chose to work with you because I wanted to prevent water entry into my home rather than diversion once it penetrated the walls.  As a physician and someone who has allergies and asthma, I considered it extremely important to minimize the risk of mold intrusion on walls saturated with water. 

“I feel that completing this job and preventing water entry will facilitate the sale of my home in the future.  Also, I want to thank you for your time, your attention to detail and your willingness to complete the job in a manner that sought to please me.”

“Over the past fourteen years, we have had water problems in our full finished basement on no less that five occasions.  In some cases, it was necessary to pump at least 50 gallons of water from our basement, dry carpets and furniture, then try to get everything back to an acceptably livable environment as soon as possible.  A water mishap, which occurred in the fall of 2001, required that we replace carpeting with new for the second time.  Six months later, we had another water mishap and I decided this was the final straw.  I decided that it was time to get rid of these water problems, and that we would just have to hope it wasn’t too expensive”.


“First of all, I had to decide which was the best option from an engineering standpoint (waterproofing from the inside or the outside) so I consulted many of the engineers I work with.  Some are structural Engineers, and some have a background in mechanical engineering.  ALL of those I polled said the same thing…”you don’t want a sump pump”.  Then there are the mold and structural issues.  Mold is activated by water.  No water, no mold.  I though for some time (for over eight years now) that I was developing asthma because breathing problems have been worsening steadily.  I thought it might be allergies or maybe just because I’m getting older.  I am an athlete and couldn’t understand it, but used an inhaler every day and went on my way.  Since the Barrier System was installed three weeks ago, I have used my inhaler only ONCE!    “So one can see that there are several reasons why I am a strong advocate for the Barrier Dual Drainage System when it comes to waterproofing ANY foundation.  Once again, I’d like to extend my personal thanks.”

“I had no idea that the problem could be rectified by attacking in on the exterior.  Most people suggested inside drains, pumps, etc., but this seemed inadequate for our problem, as I didn’t want moisture on the inside of the basement.  I am a real estate appraiser and have a Mechanical Engineering degree.  This background plus the years of owning my own business has made me extremely reluctant about doing business with construction contractors”.

“To make a long story short, the job was completed with 100% satisfaction.  I have told several people of this method and recommend the Barrier System to people who I come in contact with in my appraisal work”.

C Martin, M.D.

E. Kitzmiller, Educator

D. Cobb, Engineer

J. Brownell, Appraiser


“We recently put our home on the market and received a full value offer.  The buyer requested a professional home inspection.  As you know, the Inspector found wet foundation walls in the crawlspace and the potential buyer cancelled the offer on the spot citing that “they have had this problem with a prior residence and didn’t want it again”.  It took several months to get another offer and luckily we had you waterproof our crawlspace prior thereto.  We were able to make a full value sale after showing your documentation and guarantee.  Without your help and services we would have lost a great deal of money.  Many thanks!”

K. Gunter, M. D.

“I just wanted to thank you for stopping the water problem we had.  As you know, no one else was able to do this after three attempts.  You solved a big mess.  Thanks.”

B. Pittman, Jr., Businessman

“I am very pleased with the waterproofing project that was completed on one of my rental properties.  This property has been a maintenance nightmare over the past several years due to water problems.  Every time it rained I crossed my fingers and hoped that the tenants would not call.  But they did”.

“There is a lot of truth to the old saying “you get what you pay for”.  Had I known about you when we bought this house and had we used the Barrier Dual Drainage System, we would actually have saved several thousands of dollars in replacing carpeting and dry wall, and avoided a lot of headaches.  Thanks again for a job very professionally and well done”.

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