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Barrier Waterproofing Solutions

We stop leaks the others can’t ...Permanently!

The Barrier Dual Drainage System combines 3 components on the outside of your foundation to

solve your problem - Guaranteed!

Our System

Barrier Systems Drainage Board


Protects Barrier-P membrane                             

Drains up to 237 gallons of water per linear foot per hour


Provides R10 insulating value for         warmer basements







 Membrane *:


Proprietary Heavy-Duty sealant


Spray applied to completely protect the foundation from the outside


Environmentally safe

Made exclusively for existing homes


Developed and field tested by Barrier

Waterproofing Systems.


Barrier Dual Drains:


Installed on the outside of your foundation walls, Barrier’s unique Dual Drain System takes the water away from your home before it has a chance to get inside.




*Barrier Waterproofing Systems, Inc. holds the exclusive  rights to the Barrier-P membrane.

To contact us:


Barrier Waterproofing Solutions

Brentwood, TN 37027

Phone: (615) 829-3855            

Fax: (615) 658-8090