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Barrier Waterproofing Solutions

We stop leaks the others can’t ...Permanently!

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Barrier Waterproofing Solutions

Brentwood, TN 37027

Phone: (615) 829-3855            

Fax: (615) 658-8090



Barrier Waterproofing Solutions is owned and operated by Bob Brown. Bob’s been in business in middle Tennessee for over 20 years and has been satisfying customers’ construction and remodeling needs in the Nashville/Brentwood metropolitan area for much of that time.


After experiencing significant water problems with his personal home, Bob began researching the market for a competent and reliable waterproofing contractor offering a real Guarantee and dedicated to stopping the problem instead of just treating the symptoms.


Realizing that interior waterproofing applications merely treated the symptoms, he continued his search for a proven method that stopped the problem at its source, permanently eliminating the symptoms while promoting the “healthy home” atmosphere.


Bob’s search lead him to become the area’s exclusive Licensee for the Barrier Dual Drainage Waterproofing System.  The products are made exclusively for Barrier’s use, therefore you won’t find the Barrier-P Membrane or Drainage Board at the lumber company nor can any other waterproofing company in the area purchase or install these products.


The membrane, named Barrier-P, is made strictly for use on existing homes and is labeled “For Retrofit Use Only”.  Coupled with our special Drainage Board and the BARRIER DUAL DRAINAGE SYSTEM we’re able to solve your water problems - 100% Guaranteed!  How can we offer you this assurance?   Simply put…..It works!