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Barrier Waterproofing Solutions

We stop leaks the others can’t ...Permanently!

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Barrier Waterproofing Solutions

Brentwood, TN 37027

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The Solution

· Just as a roof leak is fixed from the outside, foundation water must be stopped on the positive (outside) side of any structure in order to keep your floors and walls dry…Any qualified Engineer will agree!


· Interior systems are all performed on the negative side of the structure and merely redirect the water after it gets in; potentially damaging floors, walls and your possessions.


· Builders waterproof new homes on the outside because they have access to the footers and foundation walls. Unfortunately, the tar based membranes they use breakdown over time.


· Building Codes require new home foundation walls be waterproofed below grade from the outside because it is the only method that works!


· Wet foundation walls lead to Structural Decay, Health Risks, and Poor Resale Value!


· Barrier Waterproofing’s exclusive Barrier-P Membrane, Drainage Board and Dual Drainage System is installed on the outside of your foundation providing peace of mind and Guaranteed Dry foundation walls!

Your home is the likely the largest investment you’ll ever make.  You can protect the value by
stopping water intrusion at the source. 



Don’t be fooled by fast talk and false promises.  It’s your home, get all the facts and by no means settle for anything less than…..

The Barrier

Dual Drainage Waterproofing System


Barrier Waterproofing Solutions is proud to be the area’s Exclusive Authorized Licensee operating in Davidson, Williamson and 16 other Middle Tennessee counties.


Call (615) 829-3855 and schedule your free waterproofing solution evaluation.

No salesperson will harass you and there’s absolutely no obligation.


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