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Barrier Waterproofing Solutions

We stop leaks the others can’t ...Permanently!

100% Guarantee

Our guarantee is simple and it’s the best in the industry:


“The exclusive “Barrier Dual Drainage Waterproofing System” installed at this structure provides a 100% non-prorated Guarantee that water will not penetrate those foundation walls in any area where the system has been installed”.


That’s it. No exclusions, no qualifiers, no double talk, just the facts…the treated areas will not leak again…period! 



Don’t be fooled by other guarantees and fast talk!

It’s your home…please read all of the fine print.

No Fine Print

To contact us:


Barrier Waterproofing Solutions

Brentwood, TN 37027

Phone: (615) 829-3855            

Fax: (615) 658-8090